Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Maintenance


Brenntquisan Disinfectants

Chlorine tablets (slow dissolution) Brenntquisan 5 Actions 200gr. 5Kg or 25Kg.
Chlorine tablets (slow dissolution) Brenntquisan 3 Actions 200gr. 5Kg or 25Kg.
Chlorine Grain - High concentration chlorinator (slow dissolution) Brenntquisan. 5Kg or 25Kg.
Tablets T-20 g Brenntquisan 20gr of slow dissolution. Specially recommended for indoor pools and spas. 5Kg or 20Kg.
Winter 2Kg dispenser, complete long-term treatment.
Fast-dissolving Brenntquisan energy chlorinator. 5Kg or 25Kg.

Brenntquisan pH Regulators

Brenntquisan pH Booster. 6Kg or 30Kg.
Brenntquisan liquid pH reducer. 20L.
Brenntquisan pH reducer. 8Kg or 40Kg.

Other Brenntquisan products

Brenntquisan anti-algae. 5L or 20L.
Minipool kit - Children's Pools - Chlorine + Antialgae.
Brenntquisan Wall Cleaner. 10L or 20L.
produtos ctx para piscinas
pH Correctors and Water Balance
Disinfectants, Chlorinated and Non-Chlorinated
Crystalline Water
Flocculants, clarifiers and brighteners
AlgiControl - Swimming Pool Algae Prevention
Multiaction Disinfectant, flocculant and anti-algae all in one product
Winter Maintenance - Conserve water from one season to another
Disinfection with chlorine Delsaclor GR90 Slow dissolving. Packaging: 5 kg - 30kg
Flocculation Delsafloc S Flocculant sachets Packing: 18 kg - 40 kg
Flocculation Delsafloc S Flocculant sachets Packing: 18 kg - 40 kg

*** The images presented above are merely illustrative of the range of products available in our store in Almancil.