Pool Water Treatments


No, a swimming pool it’s not just a pool and pools are not all the same so the water treatments available in the market also change.

The construction of a quality swimming pool, far beyond of its own design, can be a very complex project, since a swimming pool can be built for several purposes, and often its construction is limited to the surrounding spaces.

We are usually called to build pools for leisure and comfort, relaxation and therapy, or even for more sporting purposes. Regardless of the intended use, it is always important to choose the most appropriated water treatment for your swimming pool needs.

Gone are the days when the pools were just treated using chlorine powder or tablets!

Yes, we really can help you to choose the various pool equipment and the various systems required, such as pumping system, filtering, among others.

In this technological age, and through the equipment we sell, you can have total control over your pool, using your smartphone, wherever you are. Now that you know you can count on our two decades of experience, find out what pool water treatment systems are most common in the market.

Water Treatment?
Magnesium, Salt or Chlorine?

All types of water treatment have their own advantages and disadvantages, however, and in order to maximize the quality of the water in your pool, you can always complement your common treatment system with a more advanced and effective treatment system such as the ultraviolet ray treatment, which further increases the water purity in your pool.

So, the most important thing for you is to choose the pool treatment that best suits your real needs. At Casa das Piscinas – Almancil, you can inquire us in detail about all the different pool treatments, already in the market.

Here are the most common types of pool water treatment:

Magnesium Treatment | Magna Pool - Zodiac

As for us the treatment of pool water, through Magnesium, is in many cases the best options. Here are the main advantages:

An exclusive solution of magnesium electrolysis.

You can get pure and clear water, among other visible benefits.

Enjoy soft water for your eyes and skin, so there will be no eye or skin irritation.

Water without odour or chlorine taste, and with 40% fewer chloramines.

Extremely clear and transparent water.

No addition of disinfection chemicals.

Natural clarifying effect resulting from magnesium.

Water treatment that respects the environment.

Lower water consumption.

For extraordinary results, you should use the MagnaPool minerals, the filter (glass) and the chlorinator, all together.

You can control your MagnaPool device via Wi-Fi.

Salt Treatment

The pool salt water treatment system (saline electrolysis) is gaining popularity in Portugal. Here are the main advantages:

The water will have no flavours or odours.

You can now avoid eye and mucous irritations.

Prevents dehydration of the skin and hair.

Increases the quality of your pool water.

Inhibits the growth and development of bacterias.

Significantly reduces the use of chemical products in the pool.

MagnaPool system allows the cleaning and maintenance of your pool in an easier way because the pool won't get so dirty compared to other systems so there will be less to clean.

Allows your body to relax more easily in water and ensures a cleaner environment.

It significantly reduces the costs of using any other chemical products since the only product to add to the water in many situations is just regular salt. Thus, maintenance costs and electrical consumption are reduced significantly.

Chlorine Treatment

Treating pool water with chlorine powder or tablets is still a common swimming pool treatment in Portugal, although it is already becoming less used, for several reasons mainly because people start to be aware of the danger in these type of pool chemicals. This water treatment is not beneficial for you nor the environment we must say. At Casa das Piscinas we believe that in most cases this type of treatment is NOT the most indicated for several reasons. Unfortunately, over the years we have been able to point out more disadvantages than advantages to this option. Chlorine treatment is supposed to be a simple, easy and quick task but it does require preparation and personal protection before putting hands to work. Make sure you do it right and you're fully equipped with the necessary personal protection equipment. Here are the most common mistakes and our recommendations:

Because of some lack of knowledge, time or patience, sometimes the person in charge of the pool care throws chlorine into the pool, forgetting important criteria such as the amount of chlorine to be used and the dissolution time of the chlorine before the pool can be used safely again.

Wrong doses of chlorine may damage your pool mosaic tiles which will affect its aesthetics and safety. Protect your pool tiles from damage!

Do not pour chlorine into the pool in very hot weather. Depending on the intensity of the sun, chlorine may not produce the desired effects because it may last only minutes if used in these circumstances. Choose suitable chlorine and apply at the end of the day, or early in the morning.

Chlorine is an extremely corrosive element. Do not mix it inside metal buckets, nor allow it to come into contact with other metal elements, so you can avoid rust.

Chlorine not only oxidizes metals but can also cause damage to our skin. Wear protective gloves (the smell of chlorine remains on the skin for long hours) and also protect the eyes when applying chlorine.

Always wear a protective mask for the airways (mouth and nose). Granulated chlorine is dangerous, but chlorine powder is even more dangerous.

Ultra Violet Lightning Treatment
Bio - UV

*** Ultra – violet Bio – UV system is a complement to any pool water treatment system and is especially suitable for large swimming pools and/or public swimming pools due to the large amounts of water to be treated and the high number of users.

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